Argentina-France Agree to Enhance Bilateral Relations

Argentina-France Agree to Enhance Bilateral Relations

Chancellor Mondino and her French counterpart agree to enhance bilateral relations

Chancellor Diana Mondino welcomed Stéphane Séjourné, the Chancellor of the French Republic, to the San Martín Palace. This marks Séjourné’s inaugural visit to a foreign country since assuming office, reports the Cancilleria of Argentina.

During their discussions, both officials emphasized the special status of the relationship between Argentina and France, describing it as a “privileged relationship.” This status is rooted “in a shared heritage as Western liberal democracies and a steadfast commitment to republican governance,” reported the Argentine government in the press release.



Chancellor Mondino and her French counterpart agree to strengthen and expand bilateral relations. Image credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.



Chancellor Mondino underscored Argentina’s commitment to strengthening its trade and investment ties with France and Europe. She highlighted the significant flow of French investments, particularly in sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing, and energy.

“Both Chancellors commended the new measures introduced by President Milei’s administration to facilitate business and investment in Argentina, expressing confidence that these efforts would foster predictability and attract continued investment from French companies,” reported Argentina in the press release.

Additionally, Chancellor Séjourné acknowledged Argentina’s aspiration to join the OECD, characterizing it as a step towards reintegrating into the global community as a liberal democracy.

Mondino sought France’s support regarding surcharges imposed by the International Monetary Fund on debt interest payments for middle-income countries like Argentina, reaffirming Argentina’s commitment to meeting its obligations.

The Argentine Chancellor also reiterated Argentina’s stance on the Malvinas Islands issue, citing the mandates of the National Constitution.



Chancellor Mondino and her French counterpart agree to strengthen and expand bilateral relations. Image credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.



The officials discussed a wide range of topics on the bilateral agenda, including negotiations for the MERCOSUR – European Union Agreement, mechanisms for decentralized cooperation, cooperation in nuclear energy, and engagements in multilateral forums.

They highlighted their forthcoming participation in the G-20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro and expressed shared concerns about human rights violations in several regional countries, as well as the situations in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Following their meeting, Diana Mondino and Stéphane Séjourné issued a joint statement to the press:



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