Mexico Waste Management

Mexico On The Challenge of Waste and Changing Habits

Mexico On The Challenge of Waste and Changing Habits

Harnessing the Potential of Waste through Awareness and Action

The issue of waste management has reached critical levels globally, impacting our environment and public health. Everyday items like plastic products, electronics, food, and clothing contribute significantly to air, water, and soil pollution.

Current Situation

According to the United Nations, households, small businesses, and public entities collectively generate between 2.1 to 2.3 billion tons of urban solid waste annually. Shockingly, only slightly over 60% of these wastes are managed properly in controlled facilities, as reported by SEMARNAT of Mexico during a June 7th press release.

Mexico’s Efforts

In Mexico, several initiatives like the General Law for the Prevention and Comprehensive Management of Waste (LGPGIR), the National Program for the Prevention and Comprehensive Management of Waste (PNPGIR), and the National Program for the Prevention and Comprehensive Management of Special Management Waste (PNPGIRME) are in place. These programs aim to classify waste effectively and address the country’s waste management challenges as identified in the Basic Diagnosis for Comprehensive Waste Management (DBGIR).

Statistics and Potential

Every day, Mexico produces over 120,000 tons of waste, out of which more than 38,000 tons could be recycled or converted into energy.

Additionally, there are over 56,000 tons of organic waste suitable for composting or bio-digestion, while around 27,000 tons might not be immediately usable.

Despite these challenges, Mexico possesses immense potential to improve waste management practices. “The key lies in our collective effort to change consumption habits at personal, familial, and professional levels. By actively participating in recycling and reducing waste generation, each one of us can contribute significantly to mitigating this environmental issue,” stated SEMARNAT.


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