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Panama Records 181,447 Migrants through Darién in 2024

Panama Records 181,447 Migrants Through Darién Jungle in 2024

The Controlled Flow of Migrants Operation recorded the transit of approximately 181,447 migrants through the Darién jungle from January 2024 to June 13, 2024.



In the first 13 days of June 2024 alone, about 11,433 people arrived, including 9,162 adults and 2,271 minors.



The National Migration Service reports that the majority entered the country through the Darién jungle, with 118,438 Venezuelans, 12,625 Ecuadorians, and 11,736 Colombians.

Additionally, 10,474 people from China, 10,089 from Haiti, 1,938 from India, 416 from Cuba, and 15,731 from other nationalities have transited through.



By region, 147,585 entered from South America, 17,967 from Asia, 10,767 from the Antilles, 5,083 from Africa, and 45 from other regions through Darién.



The National Migration Service reminds everyone that Darién is not a route; it is a jungle.




Panama’s Migration Inadmits Over 2100 Travelers, Main Air Terminal

Panama, June 18, 2024 – Two thousand one hundred and fifteen travelers were inadmitted by the National Migration Service authorities when they attempted to enter the country or transit through Tocumen International Airport. Each of these passengers failed to comply with the requirements stipulated by the entity’s Decree Law between May and the days elapsed in June 2024.

Of the total inadmissions, 889 involved local inadmissions of various nationalities who were denied entry to Panama through the international air terminal for reasons such as fraudulent documentation, criminal records, and being considered a threat to national security.

Additionally, 1,226 people in transit to other destinations were also inadmitted for failing to comply with National Migration Service legislation.

Statistics also indicate that during this same period, migration supervisors referred 19 individuals (12 nationals and 7 foreigners) to the competent authority for various cases.

In terms of migration control, the National Migration Service (SNM) is authorized to prevent the entry or exit of foreigners and the departure of nationals when there is an order to that effect issued by a competent authority.


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